Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Resolution from my Grandsons

Good morning my fellow Rotarians and Happy New Year! After spending a lot of time with my two grandsons (5 and 3) over the holidays and watching how they drive their mom nuts, I thought maybe they could use some new year’s resolution ideas to help out their parents.

Caleb… the ‘all-knowing always right’ five-year old

1. I will try to not have girlfriends every day on the bus ride to Pre-School.

2. I will try to accept the fact that at the age of five I don’t know everything yet and that I am not always right, even though I kinda think I am and I like telling people that.

3. I will work on not making little kids cry because apparently its not nice to tell the truth about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny by saying they are only a figment of someone’s imagination made up to trick little kids.

4. I will stop telling my mom that, as a girl, she needs to do a better job of understanding the perspective of an overly active, very intelligent five year old boy.

5. I will stop telling everyone that Javin still has to wear a pull up at bed time and cannot yet wear big boy pants (yes, that makes him really mad and he punches me every time I say it).

Javin… the ‘energizer bunny and sports nut’ three-year old

1. I will try to find other clothes to wear other than my Hawkeye stuff or my Payton Manning jersey (I WANT to wear them every day!).

2. I will stop telling my mom that her macaroni and cheese is fake and that I love Papa’s Kraft mac & cheese and that we should eat it every day at our house.

3. I will try to remember to not keep yelling ‘go Hawks’ when I am with Papa at UNI and Mount Mercy games.

4. I will try to stop pounding on my brother and screaming at him every time he enters the room, especially when my mom and dad are no where in site.

5. I will stop asking my mom every morning when I wake up ‘do the Hawkeyes play today?’

6. I promise to stop sneaking out of the house to pee in the front yard when my mom is not looking.

There you have ‘em, resolutions for my grandsons. You think there’s any chance of this stuff ever happening? Happy New Year from the Bottom of the News on this Friday, January 14, 2011! ###