Friday, March 23, 2012

Good morning my fellow Rotarians.  And this week I’m reporting a few news stories that border on the very strange.


Green Tree, PA:  Gary Mathews, 44, is a "furry" dog.  This man likes dressing up in a dog costume. Mathews says he has a special affinity for the 1980 TV show "Here's Boomer", which is about a stray dog who is a hero.  This was the motivation behind Mathews petition he filed in Allegheny County Court requesting to have his name changed to "Boomer the Dog."  Judge Ronald Folino denied Mathews' name change, ruling it could "cause confusion in the community" and has the "likelihood of unintended consequences," such as being perceived as a “bizarre" person!   Plus, the judge added, Mathews simply "is not a dog."  Oh yes, there was another factor in the judge’s decision.  Among the exhibits in support of Mathews petition was a letter from a close friend who goes by the name Hobnose Bordercollie.


Westminster, B.C., Canada: Two uniformed police officers were standing in line at a Starbucks to buy coffee. When they got to the front of the line and started to give their order to the clerk, a man cut in line ahead of them.  He showed a gun and was there to rob the store.  The "astonished" officers wrestled the robber to the floor and took him into custody.  The more surprising fact is that the cops had just had a nice chat with the robber 10 minutes earlier when they walked into the coffee shop.  Apparently, the robber never connected the dots!


Grand Rapids, MI:  48 year old Jerry Douthett came home and passed out after a night of drinking on the town.  When he woke up , he started screaming, "My toe's gone! My toe's gone!" and sure enough, his wife confirmed that Jerry’s big toe was missing.  Their dog Kiko, a Jack Russell terrier, had chewed the big toe off of Jerry’s right foot. "He ate it," Jerry said, explaining he had injured his toe a few weeks back and it was so swollen he couldn't wear shoes. As it got worse over several weeks leading up to the chewing, he noticed that every time he was around their dog, he would sniff at his toe a lot. 

Jerry’s wife, a nurse, took him to the emergency room, and doctors pronounced him lucky; the dog's actions alerted them to discover that Jerry was an undiagnosed diabetic.  The infection in his toe could have gotten much worse if the dog hadn't done something. Doctors removed the rest of the toe and sent Jerry home with a new medical regimen. Step 1: Keep the dog well fed!

And there you have this week’s bottom of the news on this Friday, March 23rd, 2012.