Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dumb & Dumber People!

Good morning my fellow Rotarians!  You know there is no shortage of people who do dumb things and today I have three examples…

Palm City, FL – Breaking Up is Hard to Do:  Derick Culberson, 22, told sheriff's deputies in Palm City, FA, he had been robbed at gunpoint. They found him with his hands and feet tied up, but his story didn’t make sense.  The deputies noticed that "zip ties" he was bound with were the same ones they found in his car.  After further questioning, Culberson finally admitted to tying his own hands and feet, and further, he invented the suspects' vehicle and weapon descriptions that he gave to sheriff's deputies. He admitted he made up the robbery "in an attempt to make his girlfriend feel bad for leaving him." He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of making a false report.  And yes, his former girlfriend does feel bad; she regrets not leaving him sooner!

York PA – Grading Parents of Athletes:  The parent of a student athlete from York PA complained at a local school meeting that it was overzealous that students have to carry ‘very high’ scores through every class.  High School parents are lobbying the school to relax its requirements that student athletes maintain a minimum grade to be eligible for athletics.  York's ‘very high’ standard requires a 70 percent or "C-" for athletes to be able to participate. Parents want to drop the minimum to the state’s requirement, which is 60 percent, or a "D-" grade.  So, let’s grade the parents…  how about an "F"?

Houston, TX – I Played a Lawyer on TV:  A man in Houston, TX has been arrested on felony charges of practicing law without a license. The Harris County District Attorney's office says there's no record that the 43-year-old man has been admitted to the Texas Bar, but has allegedly been working as an attorney.  His real name… Perry Mason and he faces some big trouble.  The character "Perry Mason" began in a series of novels that were published from 1933 to 1973.  They were adapted to several movies for 30 years, a radio series for 12 years and finally the very popular TV series (1957-1966).  The Perry Mason who was arrested said he should be commended for his accurate portrayal of Perry Mason as a scrupulously honest and ethical attorney.  Right, well as he spends the next 10 years in prison he can think about how both he and the character Perry Mason were fiction.    

And no, these stories are not fiction, but are real stories as our Bottom of the News on this April 8th 2011!  ###

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