Friday, October 07, 2011

Incompetent People in America!

Good morning everyone and welcome to the bottom of the news.  This morning’s stories could be considered validation that there are incompetent people in our world.  The first example comes from Colorado…
COLORADO:  Colorado inmate Daniel Self filed a federal lawsuit in July against the Sterling Correctional Facility because prison personnel saved his life. They revived him after he had stopped breathing, from an attack of sleep apnea, but he contends he had previously demanded to officials that he never be resuscitated, preferring to die rather serve out his life sentence.

OREGON:  Terry Barth complained to hospital officials that he was "kidnaped" by paramedics and thus cannot be liable for the $40,000 he has been billed by Enloe Medical Center in Chico, Calif., where he was brought by ambulance following a motorcycle crash in August 2010. Barth said he had insisted at the scene that paramedics not take him to a hospital because he had no medical insurance. (Paramedics are legally required to take anyone with a serious head injury.)

MICHIGAN:  Police in Roseville, MI, arrested a 24-year-old roofer in August and charged him with reckless driving after he hit four cars.  He had noticed that his brakes had failed but inadvisedly tried to drive on, anyway, by extending his left leg out the driver's side door and braking "manually" (yes, as in "The Flintstones"). According to police, the man was completely sober.

CALIFORNIA:  The highest-paid state government employee in budget-strapped California was cited as one of the least productive workers in the system, according to a Los Angeles Times investigation. Jeffrey Rohlfing is on the payroll as a surgeon in the state prison system (base pay: $235,740), but he has been barred from treating inmates for the last six years because supervisors believe him to be incompetent. Last year, Dr. Rohlfing earned an additional $541,000 in back pay after he successfully appealed his firing to the state's apparently-easily-persuaded Personnel Board.  Currently, Dr. Rohlfing is assigned records-keeping duties.

Okay, so a few examples of incompetence in America as the bottom of the news for this Friday, October 7,  2011. Have a GREAT weekend!  


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