Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, my fellow Rotarians, let’s take a look at some of the weird and crazy things that are happening in our world in the Bottom of the News this Friday, September 28, 2007.

Airline Loses Boy!

Calgary, Canada – In a recent flight from Calgary to Vancouver, Cory Henry was flying alone as an “unaccompanied minor” on WestJet Airlines. The 7-year old could not be found after the plane landed, even though he had a large brightly colored tag around his neck. His grandmother, who was waiting to pick up Cory, was shocked and distraught, thinking her grandson had been kidnapped!

The airline, whose policies require a flight attendant to escort minors off each flight, had no immediate explanation; the flight crew had searched the plane several times.

As it turned out, Cory was eventually found in the cockpit with two pilots. The pilots were so busy doing their show and tell thing with the 7-year that they neglected to tell the flight crew about the boy being with them.

To a much relieved (and yet still very angry) grandmother, Cory, in his youthful zeal said… “Hey grandma, at least they didn’t lose my bag!” WestJet, which by the way is one of the top airlines when it comes to handling (and not losing) bags, promised to take immediate steps to tighten up their procedures for the handling of minors.

Who Knows the Rules?

Alexandria, VA - Bryan Hilferty, an umpire at his son's Little League game recently wasn't sure how to call a play. When he asked to see the league's official rule book, no one had a copy. Upon further research on the league’s website he could not find a rule book either so he called the Virginia little league headquarters.

To his surprise Hilferty was told that "not just anyone" can get a copy of the rules – this had become the league’s standard response over the past year because they were tired of being sued by players' parents.

Ironically, Hilferty is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force who has a high level security clearance in the E-ring of the Pentagon.

Virginia little league officials were not impressed with Hilferty’s status and said they would not give special treatment even to a high level Pentagon official.

League spokesman Lance Van Auken said, "We expect everybody to abide by the same rules." So, the question remains for Hilferty… “what are those rules!”

Hope Springs Eternal

Detroit, MI – Last week a call came in to the Michigan state trooper’s dispatcher from a caller who wanted troopers to "be on guard." The caller also suggested that they stop by to check out an upcoming event that the caller thought could get out of hand, according to the dispatcher.

The caller, named Geraldine, was having a birthday party at “the home” and was concerned things might "get a bit wild" at her upcoming party. The "home" was a senior citizen center and Geraldine was turning 92.

Trooper Tony Daversa heard about this call and thought this was such a cute story that he decided to drop off a birthday card for the birthday girl at the home. When Geraldine met the trooper she was thrilled at first, but then became confused because her party wasn’t scheduled until the next week.

As it turned out, Geraldine didn’t want a real cop, but rather she, and all of her girl friends at the home, wanted a stripper dressed up as a cop to come out the day of party!

And that, my friends, is the bottom of the news on September 28, 2007.


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