Friday, October 29, 2010

“Duct Tape Halloween Costume Ideas”

Friday, October 29, 2010: Good morning my fellow Rotarians. With Halloween upon us this weekend I know what it is like scrambling at the last minute for costume ideas (just did that last night at our house!).

So, if you still don’t know what you (or your kids) might be wearing, I thought I’d share some practical and inexpensive suggestions. Here are the Top 7 Costume Ideas from the “Duct Tape Guys”…

#7. The “Skeleton”: Wear black pants and a black turtle neck; use white duct tape to make “bones” or use silver duct tape if you’d like to be a “Terminator Skeleton”.

#6. Be a human “Baked Potato”: Duct tape over your puffy down ski jacket; use white duct tape for the dollop of sour cream on your head.

#5. The “Human Shower”: Put a raincoat and use an old broomstick to help duct tape a Hula-Hoop™ over your head. Add a showerhead and shower curtain to the Hula-Hoop™.

#4. (Dads of teenagers will relate to this idea.) Cover yourself totally with silver Duct tape and hang a twenty dollar bill out of your mouth. Presto! You've become the Human ATM!

#3. “Wizard of Oz Tin Man”: Duct tape your entire body, except for your face. Duct tape a funnel to your head and carry around a duct tape covered oil can and axe.

#2. Duct tape a small child to your back and go as a “hunch-backed-two-headed guy.” If no child is available substitute a store mannequin, duct tape its head to your shoulder, and go as “The Thing with Two Heads”.

#1. And finally, the easiest duct tape costume of all… You can be “Used Gum”: Wear something pink or minty green and duct tape a shoe to your head.

Those are the Top 7 Costume Ideas for Halloween using duct tape; for more go to Have a fun and safe Halloween! And that’s our bottom of news this Friday, October 29, 2010.


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