Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Local Man Loses Car!

Good morning my fellow Daybreakers, what a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Every so often check our news archives to see if there may be some stories from the past worth telling again.  And I came across one very special story that was too good to pass up.  Here is how it goes as reported by the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

Dateline: Cedar Rapids, IA, Tuesday, July 17, 2007.

So what do you do when your vehicle vanishes into thin air?

A Cedar Rapids man faced that question yesterday.  After getting out of his BMW in the pouring rain and running into his building to open his shop garage door, he noticed, as the door was opening, that his car was gone. 

"I thought someone was messing with me, or perhaps an alien spaceship had taken my car," said this Hiawatha based business owner.  “I was only away from the car for 10 seconds, I can’t believe it!” 

After initial confusion and shock he realized with the pouring rain, for quite some time, that his car might be in the worst place possible - a water retention basin behind his parking lot.

And yes, he was right.  As he bolted to the pond he realized that his laptop, digital camera, PDA and other items were also in the car, as he watched it fill up with water.

His confusion escalated…  “Do I take off my new pink shirt, or just dive in to save my stuff?”  Time was critical so he finally took the plunge.  He managed to salvage most of his items, except for the car as he helplessly watched his new BMW filled up with water. 

One eye witness shared the reactions of employees as they came to work.  “We couldn’t believe it!  We know he is a dare devil when it comes to anything with wheels, but what was he thinking?”  This employee asked that his name be withheld.   

Insurance authorities reported the BMW as totaled.  The only serious injuries were hurt feelings of the owner.

And finally, I quote Mr. BMW, Bart the Man Woods, as he reflected on his unfortunate event.  Life is good, most everything was reclaimed (except for the car) and no one was hurt.  BUT, I’d still like a redo for about 15 seconds of that fateful Tuesday morning.” 

And that’s a story from the archives, 7 years ago this week, as the bottom of our news on this Friday, July 25th, 2014. 

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